Im programmer working for an international company. I have programmed since i was 12 and i have done it professionally for 6 years. Programming for a company is fun and i have learned a lot of things but i have always been interested in running my own business so i decided to give it a shot doing what i do best, programming stuffs.

I have a beautiful wife and child so it is kind of difficult to work on a regular job, work on my business and take care of my family, but, on the other hand, it is very challenging,and i love challenges :).

In this blog i hope to provede you at least a little piece of valuable information for you, im a programmer trying to create a business so at the beginning i will try to write about that,  most of my post will talk about either technical stuffs (programming related),   personal stuffs (like how to find motivation to work every day) and business stuffs (like where to host your site or buy images).

Thank you for taking the time to read my history and i hope to know about you soon!.

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